Why Eating Healthy

In my daily life I experience a lot of people asking me why I spend so much time preparing food while it is so much easier to run to a restaurant.

table with healthy food

I usually answer that as soon as restaurants start to cook the way I and my wife do at home I will start going out for dinner again.

This does not mean that I never cheat on my diet. After all I am only human like anyone else is and crave a nice juicy hamburger ones in a while.

I wrote about what eating healthy is here but now I will write about the why of eating healthy

In general, all the food you find in the regular stores is processed food and like we all slowly start to realize this is not the best food for us to stay healthy.

Our stomach and intestines are not build to eat a lot of things we eat nowadays. Things that we use to give our food a longer shelf life and preserve it longer after we opened a jar or can.

Even so called “fresh food” is sprayed with all type of chemicals and one of the famous one where we hear from lately is roundup.

When I was younger my mother cooked a lot of fresh food from local stores like butchers and vegetable stores. As a matter of fact, there was a vegetable store, butcher, bakery, and a small general store in the town I grew up in.

To the best of my knowledge that food all came from local markets or an auction that only sold what we called “healthy food” now.

Like I wrote before these stores are not their anymore and we have to work with what we have and that are big stores that sell it all in one place.

My choice is to eat as much natural as I can and that means like our ancestors use to eat because it is the way food has been grown for centuries and the way it should be raise.

After growing up and slowly having my diet changes to what most people eat lately I started looking into that and decided to go back to eating like in the old days as much as I could do.

I will share a lot of the resources I used to write some of the articles I will publish here to help you decide if this is something for you to try.


Recently I started to get interested in maybe making wine at home and you can read the start of that wine making journey here.






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