What Is The Future Of Grilling

meat on a pellet grill

In the last week, I cleaned all my grill and grill accessories. Not that I will not use them anymore this winter but there are a few of them that I only use in the summer months.

That means that the rest of them had to be cleaned and stored for the coming winter months to prevent rusting.

The Current and Past situation

I don’t know about you and how old you are, but I am a little older and have not seen too many changes in the way we grill or smoked meat.

We still use charcoal and wood on a grill or smoker. The models and quality might have changed but the principle stayed the same forever.

The New Situation

meat smoked on a z grills

I am not claiming that the way we cook outdoors will change drastically but there are already many changes made in the last few years.

Electronic have changed a few things by itself. We can now use digital thermometers that are either in the grill, in the meat, or are handheld.

But that is, however, not the biggest change I have seen. The thing that had the most impact on the way we grill was the upcoming of the pellet grill.

I am almost convinced that this will be a thing that only will get used more and more in the future.

Pellet Grill Options

Recently I have been looking at pellet grills and now the evenings are getting longer that gave me some more time to that.

There are options on pellet grills that make them very appealing to many people and here are a few of them.

  • Set and forget
  • Steady temperature
  • Long sessions
  • Clean
  • Temperature measurement options.

I have to tell you a little more about the last one. With th temperature measurement options, I mean that some of them now come with 2, and sometimes even 3, probes to monitor the temperature in different cuts of meat.

You can, for example, cook two types of meat that require a different internal temperature at the same time. That is a nice feature I believe.

My Take on pellet grills

I am strongly believing that pellet grills have a great future and will be sold more and more in the near future. I also believe that more options will be added.

I have seen models now that can be controlled with an app on a smartphone. Since most of use that thing almost all day that made sense to me.

Me personal think that the word pellet grill is not one that fits the subject well. I think that the word pellet smoker is a better name.

The reason is that I read a lot about that they are not very good in getting hot enough to sear any meat. There are a few brands that do fairly well, but most of them are better in the low and slow category.

The part that needs to be approved is the control unit in many models. I still read many comments about temperature fluctuations. I do think that now there is slowly an after market is forming that this will improve.

If you have an opinion about pellet grills or smokers feel free to share this with me in the comments or contact me.

Joshua Davis

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