What Is Eating Healthy

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We all know that we have to eat healthy but in many cases, it is not easy to recognize healthy food.

Food that is not that good for us is in a lot of situations disguised or promoted as being healthy. There are many reasons to eat healthy that you can find here in this article.

One thing you can do is reading the labels of all the food you buy. In general that can give you a good idea about what you are eating.

With food that is loaded with preservatives, sugar, and salt you can be sure that it is not that good for you.

After deciding what is not healthy it is easier to find food that will help us to eat healthy.

Look for food with no added sugar is one of the best tips I can give to start out with.

I have found some more answers here on this Quora page.

The second one is to look for different names for sugar. This can be a lot but one stands out and we should try to stay away from that.

High fructose corn syrup.

Not only is this more sugary, but it will also spike your blood sugar even more than regular sugar.

The second reason to avoid this what I call poison is that it is made from GMO corn that is genetically modified to be resistant to the use of the chemical in weed prevention.

We all have heard in the news about roundup and its cancer-causing ingredient Glyphosate.

New GMO label

Where to find healthy food

There are ways to eat healthier, but I have to be honest and mention that it is easier in the summer months than in fall, winter and even spring.

In the summer months, I visit my local farmers market as much as I can and my schedule allows me.

The reason is that there are a few farmers there selling their vegetables and fruit that do only organic farming on their properties.

I know that organic farming is a name that many farmers use, but it is not legally protected unless you are certified.

But even a farm that does not use chemicals and is situated next to a farm that still uses the old way of farming with chemicals will have healthier food than its neighbor.

In the summer it is easy to find this type of food since the farmers bring it to the market at least twice a week.

In the colder season and after harvest time it is not so easy to find so-called organic or healthy food.

I have a few stores that I go to at that time of the year the sell organic brands from other countries than the USA and I just hope that they are honest about that.

One is a Kroger store that is about 25 miles away and the other one is Sam’s club where I am a member of.

To come back to the subject of this post and to answer what healthy eating is I can only tell you what it is for me and my situation. Your’s might be totally different.

I would like to eat 100% organic but it is very expensive and I don’t always have the time to go to the store to look for it.

I try to eat more vegetables than meat and after each meal, I eat a piece of fruit.

I do not take any vitamines because I believe that most of them are made in a laboratory and do not come from fruits or veggies.

It is just a said thing that what years ago was normal food now has to cost a small fortune sometimes.

If we, however, start to buy more healthy foods as a nation we give a signal to the food producers that they have to start growing more healthy foods as we ate years ago.

let me know your opinion about and how you try to eat as healthy as possible in your situation.


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