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I have been writing many articles here about food and healthy eating. I am also start to write more about exercising since I believe that the combination of both is a great way to stay healthy and in shape.

What type of exercises are there?

There are many types of exercises and that means, in my opinion, that there is no excuse to say that you can’t exercise. Here is a list of things you can do.

  • Brisk walk
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Weights
  • Cardio

That are just a few of them and there are a tone more. Even if you do not like to exercise you can consider yard work also as a type of exercise I guess.

Age Restrictions For Exercising

You can not compare a young man in this twenties with a senior citizen that is in his sixties that is obvious.

One of the best tips I found and read about is that there are very good stretching exercises for seniors that actually tell me that all of us need to stretch before working out.

The warm-up and cool down after working out is very important to do since it prevents injuries. You have to give your muscles time to adjust to what you are planning to do and also give them time to relax again after that.

Many people forget about this and just start end stop without taking this into consideration and there is a change that you end up in the doctors office when you do that.

The best exercise to do

Not every exercise is suited for just any person and we all have our specific needs and muscles or muscle groups we have to keep up with or need to improve. However, here are some tips about exercises we can probably all do.

I did some reading and had to dig into my own past to see what a physical therapist advised me many years ago when I had trouble with my back.


He told me that one of the best exercises is swimming. According to him the reason for that is that you use about any muscles in your body with swimming.

After this advise I have been doing more swimming and although I do not go as often anymore as I use to do I still enjoy it and I believe it is also low impact since you are in the water and basically are weight less and this means no pressure on any of your joints.


Walking was also one of the tips he gave me. Especially after my physical therapy, he told me to walk for at least 10 minutes for a better recovery.

Walking is something most of us can de unless there are physical barriers from stopping us. I think even the elderly that need a walker can benefit from walking in or outdoors.


A gym or any other club membership can offer us a lot of benefits. Not only are you there with other people who are there for the same reason but you also have the choice of many types of exercises you can do there.

Depending on your gym is can range for swimming to workouts with weights or machines.

Exercising – My Opinion.

I strongly believe that any type of physical activity is better than doing nothing. As an example, I can tell you about my uncle. He is in his late 70’s and still does leg and arm exercise while sitting in his chair.

There are always ways to exercise. The problem is that most of think of going to the gym or other things to do that. However, exercising can be moving around in the house and swing your arm while doing that.

Staying active in any form or shape is a necessity for any age group in my opinion.

Joshua Davis

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