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hand with personal gift in it.

The world we live in has changed in the last year and that made me realize that I also made changes that I would not have made if all these things had not happened.

I am picky

I am always very picky about the presents I buy for my family or friends and even for colleges.

I always tried to make them a little personal and not just bought from a store shelf. I even made the wrapping a little more stand out than the average way presents get wrapped in stores.

What did I do?

I just have not been able to go to many stores and that forced me to have a look at buying presents online. I thought I had to give up on having the presents a little personalized now I could not go to stores.

What did I found

I was really surprised at my online search for presents that fir my criteria. When I started my search in finding a good fitted present for a lady friend of mine I stumbled upon

When I found that I entered a whole new world of great ideas and I was able to find a present for her kitchen with her personal name on it.

There were many options available but I opted for a kitchen sign with her name on it.

When I handed her the present she was thrilled with it and it had to be hung on the wall immediately.

This friend of mine spends even more hours in the kitchen than I do and is a great cook that always put some great meals on the table for her family and friends.

Options if you are looking for gifts

I have to be honest and mention that I was sincerely surprised by the number of gifts I found that have the option to be personalized.

There were many that I never would have thought about if I was not forced to start looking for them online.

Here are a few options for personal presents.

  • Signs
  • Towels
  • Wall art
  • Clocks
  • Photo’s
  • Shopping bags
  • Shirts

What I will do from now on

Although I miss going to my regular store and interact with the store staff, I will probably spend more time looking for personalized gifts online.

The reason is not that I am more forced to do so because of the situation we are living in right now. It is also because I found so many great ideas on several website that gave me more options and did not force me to repeat any present.

My suggestion to you

If I can only give you one tip than it is that you should not stick to the presents you have been buying. There are better options in my opinion.

If you make a gift more personal it will have an everlasting impression on the person that receives the present.

It will also strengthen your relationship with that person because you went that extra mile to find something they really like. In the times we live now I think that is one of the things we have to cherries.

Let me know if you have any experience online that has changed the way you shop for presents.

Joshua Weber

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