Is online meat delivery safe?

butcher shop store front

Buying meat online can generate doubts since we are used to buying meat in our trusted butcher shop.

Most online meat delivery businesses make sense precisely because, traditionally, in their physical store, people go not only to make their daily purchases but to take home meat orders to all corners.

I wrote before about if butchers understand people that BBQ in an other article.

We see the realization of this online butcher shop as a logical step in our evolution since, thanks to the internet and the quality of current cold transports, most online meat delivery businesses can offer customers the opportunity to serve them a unique product directly at their homes and, it allows them to continue with this small-scale production dedicated to direct sales to the consumer, thus maintaining the quality of our products.

Most online meat delivery businesses have the following amenities:

  • 100% of the Pyrenees
  • Proximity Commerce
  • Own slaughterhouse and workshop
  • Artisan production

When it comes to eating, it should be essential to fully trust what we are putting in our mouths. The origin of the products, the processes to which they have been subjected, their conservation and long etcetera would have to be known by their consumers in advance; However, with today’s pace of life, this task is often impossible, and we find ourselves at the mercy of large food companies.

Today’s society is trying to change towards a much more consistent consumption, both with the product and the environment, looking for high-quality products that ensure flavor and health and sustainability with the environment, ensuring that things have been done well. Most online meat delivery businesses define this as trust, the trust that we want to convey to their customers about what they do, and their products.

The Best Meat Guaranteed

Authorized bodies and subject to regulations certify all the meat.

No Antibiotics

Most online meat delivery businesses do not supply any antibiotics for the life of their animals.

100% Natural Meat

Animals are fed only on natural grasses and grains. They do not use industrial feed or transgenic cereals.

Low-Fat Saturated Meat

Most online meat delivery businesses do not add palm oil, animal fats, or industrial fats to feed our animals. The result is healthier meat.

Meat From Local Farms

Local farms are the foundation of a healthy, responsible, and sustainable food system that integrates nature into the human life experience. 

Most online meat delivery businesses pastures are free of pesticides, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, and they believe in a sustainable circular economy model because we do not have a “planet B.”