Do Butchers Understand BBQ?

I know this is a strange title for an article and need some more to explain this a little better.

butcher grinding meat

Let me start by saying that many butchers do a great job and I am not attacking any of them here. Working in a cooler day in day out is not something I would like to do.

What I am trying to say here is that most butcher shops are not the way they used to be. I was born in a little town and we had 2 butcher shops there,

My mom went there almost every day to buy the meat for our supper and the butcher cut it for here the way she wanted it.

Nowadays we go to the supermarket or Walmart and buy pre-packaged meats that we have no idea where it came from and how long ago it has been slaughtered.

That is not the only thing. We as backyard grill masters or more advanced BBQ’ers are pickier about the meat we cook on our grill.

If you like to go back to that type of meat you almost have to order your meat online. I found a list of the best meat delivery services to help you out on this website

If you cook some hamburgers for your kids or some hot dogs we, most of the time, do not worry too much and by it from the local supermarket.

I found, however, that if you like to grill some other cuts, and just to name a few I can mention a good steak like an aged New York strip or a thick cowboy steak, these are very hard to find in your local stores.

Another thing to mention is that more people starting to wonder where their meat is coming from and others are really looking for grass-fed beef or pork that is raised naturally.

Did you ever research how a chicken is raised? I did and I can promise you that since then I only eat certain brands of chicken that are not raised with hormones and antibiotics their whole lives.

meat grinder with meat on a plate

Did you ever research how cows are raised? The feeding lots that they use is to make them gain weight as fast as possible to make more profit.

I understand farmers and know that they have to make a living, but this is not the meat I like to eat.

In general, all the beef, pork, and poultry we buy and eat is treated with medicine, hormones, and antibiotics.

Besides that, they are fed a diet of grains and other food that is not natural for them and they would never eat if they were raised naturally.

I am not a health freak but like to know where to food I eat is coming from. My meat is no exception to that rule.

I have done some testing with the meat I cooked on the grill and did not tell my family and friends where it came from.

I cooked hamburgers from supermarket ground beef and from grass-fed and finished beef I bought from the FarmFoods Market, and let them do a taste test. Almost unanimous the grass-fed beef was mentioned to taste better.

boneless skinless chicken breast

I did the same with chicken thighs and the outcome was the same. The free-range chicken that I ordered online got most of the votes.

I know that this is not scientifically proved and just a test I did with some family and friends but for me, it is proof enough to keep using naturally raised meat and poultry for my way of cooking on and off the grill.

Prices are higher and I know that is one of the reasons people keep eating regular meats from the supermarket. My reasoning is that I rather eat a small piece of quality meat that is raised naturally than a large chunk of meat filled with antibiotics and from an animal that is fed GMO grains.


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