Cats and Bananas

cat sleeping in a banana cat bed

I know that the title of this article does probably does not make any sense at all to you. I can understand that completely.

This is the story about our cat that needed a new cat bed and how it had to do with bananas.

Our cat is a little older and has, as most cats have, some strange habits. One of the most noticeable things she does is hiding in all kinds of places to take a nap and sometimes even sleep all night.

Since she needed a new cat bed we started looking for one that would combine all things she likes to do.

We stumbled upon a banana cat bed and yes you read this right it is a cat bed in the shape of a banana.

The reason we opted for this type of cat bed is that we have several banana-oriented decorations in our house and this banana cat bed fits perfectly in there.

We all know that cats sleep a lot and in the case of our cat he likes to sleep inside anything he can get into. From boxes to bags and we even found him one time in a pillow cover taking a nap.

That was we decided on the banana-shaped cat bed since it came with a little roof-type cover that he likes to snuggle under.

The fun part was that at first he was scared of it and did not even want to come close to it.

After a few days of keeping his eyes on it, he decides to have a closer look and sniffle on it to see if it was maybe alive.

After this initial discovery, he decided it was safe and peaked over the edge to see if something was hiding inside of the banana.

The sign was clear and now he was ready to explore the inside and jumped in it.

Since then he slept in it about every night and absolutely loves it now.

At first, I thought that this banana cat bed would look weird in our house. After having it now for a while I am starting to like it and many of our friends are loving it and thought it was a great idea.

My take on this all is that it proves again that by thinking outside the box, or in this case cat bed, you can come up with some original things in your house if it is even for your pet.

update: Cats can bring a lot of joy to your house and my cat still loves his banana bed.

Joshua Davis

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