Making Wine

Now I spend more time at home than I ever did I am looking into more things to do I never had the time for. One of them I am interested in for a long time was trying to make…

Personal Gifts

Picking a more personal gift can make a huge impact on the receiving party. I had some nice reactions with my personalized gifts for friends.

Is online meat delivery safe?

How safe is to buy met or anything else for that matter in todays world. I found some tips and ideas that might help you decided on that.

Do Butchers Understand BBQ?

I believe that most butchers understand the need of people who do a lot of cooking on the grill. Here are a few tips and recommendations.

Home Made Pizza or Store Bought?

After making a pizza at home it is my opinion that you wil never go back to store-bought pizzas. The taste and flavors of pizza you make yourself is great.

Street Food and Health

Is street food by definition unhealthy? I think id depends what you call unhealthy. Here you can read my opinion.

What Is Eating Healthy

It is hard to find the food that is considered a healthy food for us. Here I share my opinion about what I think that healthy food is and where I find it.

Why Eating Healthy

My eating healthy decision is based on facts from the past how I grew up and the way I slowly started to eat the more modern food and how I changed it.